The Guide To Incrementality:

Lessons From Running 50+ Tests Across Industries

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Unlock the secrets to optimizing your marketing budget and driving incremental users with David Mausolf's in-depth workshop tailored for CMOs and marketing leaders. Gain invaluable insights from over 50 incrementality tests across diverse industries, including a case study where an e-commerce company saved $100 million annually through strategic budget reallocation.

Explore the nuances of incrementality testing and attribution with real-world examples. Learn about various test types applicable to your organization, and discover the impact of incrementality testing on enhancing marketing strategies and achieving outstanding results.


0:00 - Introduction

1:25 - Incrementality testing Accurate campaign value attribution

2:44 - 3 Incrementality Test Designs

5:59 - When Incrementality Testing Isn’t Ideal

10:45 - 3rd-party testing platforms

12:24 - Part 1 - Test Design

19:48 - Part 2 - Test Setup

22:56 - Part 3 - Testing

25:25 - Part 4 - Analysis

29:36 - Part 5 - Implementation

32:23 - Follow-up testing

32:47 - Benefits and disadvantages of incrementality testing

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David Mausolf, a co-founder of APEX Growth, has successfully provided growth marketing expertise to notable companies like Amazon, Meta, and Riot Games through his firm.

Previously leading growth teams at Disney and Lyft, he and his co-founder managed a combined $1B+ in paid marketing. David's accomplishments include scaling Marvel Strike Force's revenue to $300M and expanding Lyft to 300 U.S. markets. Passionate about building scalable teams, he consistently drives success for clients.

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